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Unlawful Termination Due To Injury

I’ve been fired after I reported a workplace injury. What should I do? What are my rights?


Do Not Quit or Walk Off The Job.

Unlawful Termination pinkslipIn North Carolina, you are protected by specific provisions that prevent unlawful termination when you are hurt at work. Both Federal and NC State law offer some protection to injured workers and there are some financial incentives the employer has to keep you working. The most important thing in a workers compensation case is to NEVER quit. If there is a problem, make sure the employer is the one who initiates the termination. If you quit or walk off the job, it is very difficult to make your worker’s compensation case.

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Workplace Accident? Here’s what You Should Do

Report It At Once.

Workplace AccidentImmediately report your injury to your employer. Don’t wait to see how badly hurt you are. Delay in reporting makes your case more difficult to win. North Carolina law requires written notice be given to your employer in a worker’s compensation injury within 30 days of the date of the workplace accident. While there are some exceptions to that rule, it is far better to not have count on your case being an exception. Reporting the injury to your employer documents what happened and allows you to get medical treatment immediately.

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